posters of patchwork organization in the urban landscape with slogans "in Poland I will build a new home", "different does not mean worse", and "diversity unite”
  • Art direction
  • Brand identity
  • Logo design
BOSKA body cast

BOSKA is a brand dedicated to the creation of exquisite body casts – a fusion of elegance and timelessness that takes shape in sculpted beauty. The brand embraces the human form as a masterpiece, each of its own.

The brand works with customers in an intimate atmosphere, as creating the cast requires showing themselves truly as they are. Showing it as highly artistic but also reliable was a challenge I had to uptake. I decided to go for modern sans-serif logo and limited brand palette.

A premium brand requires high attention to detail on every single touchpoint. Business cards that whisper luxury, boxes that carries the essence of sophistication.

BOSKA logotype blind-embossed on a paper-like beige texture
a hand holding a voucher in minimalistic design printed on a white textured paper
a box with BOSKA logo on top, inside there's paper with design made out of the brand's symbol, Greek letter theta
a hand holding a smartphone with an Instagram story on the screen, displaying a sculpture