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A sense (Latin sensus) is the way of humans contact with the world. Thanks to the sense organs, it is possible to experience, perceive and receive stimuli both from the outside and inside of the body. Sensus also means awareness, and the ability to correctly understand and organize sensory stimuli allows us to expand it.

I wanted to reflect the meaning of this word in the visual identity I created for Maria. Her goal was to create her own space focused on how a person functions as a whole. She shows how through external influence on the body we can help ourselves in many aspects of our lives.

a close-up photograph of masseur's hands massaging a foot in a calming, natural setting
a voucher with sensus logo and contact details printed on a sage colored paper and displayed on a natural background with a shadow of a leaf
a sage green business card doubling as a loyal customer card, two cards, one on top of another, with a shadow of a plant on them
a close up photo of a hand resting on an arm, the company tagline "the body is a wholeness" overlays on the image

From the beginning of our collaboration, Aleksandra perfectly understood what I care about and what I expect, offering many valuable comments and ideas herself. The logo she crafted perfectly reflects the idea behind my company. The other materials complement it, resulting in a cohesive look of the entire project. I can highly recommend her services if you are looking for an exceptional, unique look for your company.

- Maria Obszyńska, the owner